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Shop for artwork based on themed collections for your home decor. Find the right painting for your kitchen, living room, entrance hall, or office.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose from a wide range of contemporary paintings to best match your home or office decor: landscapes, abstracts, photorealism, figurative, and modern digital prints.

About Victor Shelley

Victor Shelley The arc of Victor Shelley artwork spans from figurative to abstract to photo-realism, comprising dozens of genres and styles. As revealed in the paintings, his artistry and unique eye draws from the traditional to cutting-edge digital techniques.

You can see a tutorial on some of the techniques used in Victor Shelley photo-realism paintings at

In a two year period, Victor produced a lifetime worth of art, an unprecedented 1300-plus paintings. But more importantly is the artistic quality of his work. Here is a small sample of comments, drawn from hundreds, on the paintings by Victor Shelley:

Dok Dok - You are such a fine painter, and this is another I love, so elegantly achieved, wonderfully seen and lovely palette - Viva Anderson
Nabis - Fantastic Victor, a beautiful image, love the way it looks like she is materializing into existence! - Dee Winslow
May Flowers - A delightful composition with great details, colors and creative artistry, Victor! - Faye Anastasopoulou
The Coast - Excellent use of aerial perspective to create great depth and distance, Victor - Jerry Bukowski
L- Retro cool, zen, love everything on your site! So creative - Thomas Pollart
Arfordir IV - So bold and bright and fresh and new and exciting and delightful and quirky - Charlotte Nunn